Walk in nature today, Just do it.

Walk in the desrt.

Bobcat “Just Do It.” Thank you Nike!

Go be in nature somewhere.  Take a walk or hike.

I walked this morning for 35 minutes/2900 steps in pedometer speak. My goal was 60 minutes or 5000 steps, whichever came first. Ran out of time and energy.
My initial instinct was to chastise myself for falling short of my goal. STOP! REWIND! START AGAIN! My walk rocked!! I saw a Baby Rattlesnake, Mama Bobcat, Bunnies and rabbits, and, dozens of Golden finch. The desert is stunning right now. Today, my perfectly imperfect body allowed for an inspiring walk in the desert which also happens to be my neighborhood.:) Walking in nature is an easy way to get cardiovascular exercise and be inspired.

Whatever your health practice or goal is today, if you haven’t done it, do it! If you have, great job, and keep moving forward, keep going!

Enjoy your day and if you live in AZ enjoy our stunning Sonoran Desert.















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