Help with Depression from perimenopausal symptoms

By Monica B.

Depression during perimenopause is an all too common symptom for many women. More women are speaking about it and seeking support during this transition into menopause.
A few weeks ago  I received this thoughtful and touching sharing from a dear client and long time student. She has given me her permission to share this with all of you  on my blog,  I’d like to pass it on to you. Thank you Monica.

group class

Saturday morning Fletcher Floor class @ Body Fundamentals in Tucson.

“Approximately four years ago I found myself going through a severe depression which was ultimately triggered by peri menopausal changes. During this rough period in my life I bumped into Genevieve Nedder’s mama at a social gathering and we were talking about life and its stressors. Florence Nedder chimed up and said: ‘ I want you to meet my daughter. . . . she teaches Pilates and may be able to help you.’  I was a bit skeptical that Pilates could help with my depression, but I agreed to get the Body Fundamentals literature and meet Geneviève.

To this day I am so grateful for that meeting and have found that not only has Pilates given me physical strength that I had previously been lacking, but also, my teachers at Body Fundamentals in Tucson  have given me emotional strength to help fight my depression and anxiety.”   



Use Zeel for Pain Relief

Zeel Ointment-photo

Zeel for pain relief

“Proven Safe and Effective for:”

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Joint Stiffness

“Why should I use Zeel?

“Zeel works effectively at reducing mild to moderate pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. The fact that Zeel works so safely makes it a viable option for the treatment of osteoarthritis.”

“How often can I use Zeel?”

“Typical dosage is 1 tablet 3 times daily or a generous application of ointment 3 times daily.”

About Heel Inc.

I’ve been selling Heel products at the studio as well as taking them myself for over a decade. Our clients swear by them.  Over the weekend I walked a little longer than normal and awakened at 3am Sunday morning with throbbing pain in my upper back.  Although popping a couple of Advil works, if I can receive relief naturally, that’s my first choice.  I took one Zeel and within 10 minutes had significant pain relief.   It’s not promoted as a product to help with sleep, but having less pain does help me sleep better.

I use Traumeel and Zeel on a regular basis and continue to receive quick relief from joint pain, osteoarthritis and muscle stiffness.  They can be used separately or together, and are available in creams, tablets and gels.

A Hundred Modifications- Pilates matwork

smallpicOne of the things I love about the Pilates work is that you never outgrow it. Once you’ve diligently worked on an exercise and it is perfected, it can almost always be modified to be more advanced and challenging. On the flip side, if an area of your body is tight or troublesome, an exercise can be modified down to be more comfortable. I always think of the Pilates Hundred and its many modifications. Sometimes I keep my knees bent at 90/90, some days I feel very strong and I lower my legs out towards the floor. On days where my neck is tight, I put one arm behind my head.
I love that about Pilates. I never get bored and am always challenged!
– Hilary


Previously Published October 2011

Traumeel for healing.

Traumeel Gel-photo
Heal quicker and safer with Traumeel Try heel  products as a substitute for Ibuprofen. I use traumeel gel on my back and neck in the morning before  walking or Pilates sessions.

You can also use it on a bruise to speed up your recovery time. It can be used alone or in tandem with Zeel by layering the products if you’re using a cream or gel. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

“Safe, Effective, Natural Relief”

Traumeel(R) uses your body’s natural resources to reduce pain and shorten the length of your recovery for mild to moderate musculoskeletal conditions including; muscular pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and bruising. It is safe for all ages and there are no known drug interactions or side effects.

Other benefits include:

*Pain relief without side effects

*Over 60 years of worldwide therapeutic use

*Over two-dozen scientific and clinical studies conducted on Traumeel(R)

*Recommended by many physicians as safe, effective, prescription-free alternative to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

“Don’t mask the pain-deal with it”

Traumeel Tablets-photo



Ped-i-pull for Posture


Improve your posture by adding seated Ped-i-Pull exercises to your private sessions. scapula elevation and depression as well as lat stabilization help align your spine and work stabilizing  abdominal muscles.  Many students with osteoporosis or osteopenia find noticeable improvement in their posture from using the ped-i-pull.

I use the ped-i-pull almost daily with private clients and they love it!


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Pilates arabesque Reformer

It’s such a joy teaching Mary week after week –  these past 14 years.  Here she’s showing the Classical Pilates Arabesque on the reformer. Simply beautiful!




Mary T., practicing Arabesque on the Reformer.

Mary T. Arabesque on the reformer

Previously Published October 2011








Ped-i-pull for posture.

Ped i pull.

Ped i pull.

“Simply put, posture is the ability to move spontaneously in any direction with Balance, Strength, Stability, and Coordination. The movement will appear clean and efficient even though it may be quite difficult, and the body will suffer no ill effect. . .”

– Diana Bailey

 The ped-i-pull is a powerful tool for postural improvement and correction.
Do one thing today to improve your posture: Use the Foam roller,  practice the wall series, work on your foot placements, or practice the  roll-down or arm series on the ped-i-pull.  Small changes in habit and movement can yield big results. Take a few minutes to change the way you use your body today and improve your posture.

                                                                                                                               – Geneviève


Previously Published September 2011

Ladder Barrel Swan.

Gen on ladder barrel

The Ladder Barrel is a wonderful piece of equipment to assist you with

Ask your instructor to teach you this piece if you aren’t
currently practicing it.  We use the Ladder Barrel almost every hour at the studio.  It’s a versatile and powerful tool.

*Safety tip, If you have low back pain or injuries, then
practice a swan from the mat or gentle extension with the Foam roller.

Congratulations to Carol Pilmar!

Congratulations to Carol Pilmar on
5 years of Pilates practice.

Today we celebrate your dedication and commitment to your health.

If you know Carol, we encourage
you to congratulate her!