Simple solutions for Back Pain -#9 Triceps Stretch

Geneviève headshot  Stretch your Triceps and Shoulders

Protect your shoulder joints while keeping your muscles flexible.
  • If you’re not practicing this stretch already, consider:

-Adding it to your morning routine after your back routine on the floor  (For my private clients using Back Care I book, add this triceps stretch at the end)

-Before Walking or Hiking, and especially before Swimming

– After your Foam Roller Routine

– Before Weight Training for Upper Body.

This triceps and shoulder stretch is a simple way to warm-up arm muscles as well as your shoulder/rotator cuff.



Gently press down on your elbow and hold for 10 to 15 seconds.

Alternate arms. 3X

Simple Solutions for Back Pain #8: Foam Roller Stretch & Arm Lifts

 Foam Roller Series for Home and Travel by Geneviève Nedder Shoulder stretch on the Foam roller

Geneviève headshotI’m in the process of completing a Foam Roller Series to post with the goal of launching it to you this winter. In the meantime, you can find many of the Foam Roller  exercises in the Back Pain Relief category of the Changing through Movement Blog.

How the Foam Roller can help You stretch Chest and Shoulders

Lying on the foam roller effectively releases tension and also aligns your spine, improving posture. When you add shoulder range of motion exercise, you open your chest, which releases your upper back and stretches shoulder and arm muscles safely.

Stretch Your Chest & Shoulders with this Simple Foam Roller Exercise

Arm Lifts

Lie on the foam roller lengthwise and imprint your spine; start with your arms by your sides on the floor.

  • Inhale – Lift your arms in line with ears while keeping your spine imprinted.
  • Exhale – Lower your arms to 3 or 4 inches above the floor.
  • Repeat 8 to 10x

Reminder: keep your abdominal muscles engaged to help protect your back and strengthen your core.

For optimal alignment, make sure your head is on the foam roller completely and if possible, your tailbone too.

Simply lying on the Foam roller and allowing your spine to imprint can improve your posture significantly. The arm lift exercise lengthens your spine while also opening the chest and shoulders.
Have you been on a foam roller yet today? Be good to your spine and add more foam roller work to your private Pilates sessions and home routines.

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