Meditation – Overcoming the obstacles. Or, there is no bad meditation practice.

meditation-practice-floatSince I began teaching meditation, I’ve heard a number of different frustrations expressed:

“My mind won’t empty.”

“I can’t find the time to fit this in right now.”

“I always get interrupted.”

These are such common and normal frustrations.  Here are a few tips and reassurances.

Continue to go back to the breath. One of the first things we all learn about meditating is that your brain is very rarely completely quiet. And that’s ok. Just acknowledge the thought or thoughts, “I see you,” then go back to the breath – deep breath in through your nose, then exhale through your nose.  We have many, many breathing techniques. Over time I can teach you how to use pranayama to deepen your meditation, but in the beginning, gently inhale through the nose and exhale quietly through the nose.

Start with 15-20 minutes each day. Kids, work, grandkids, homes, volunteer time – all demand a lot from us. Fitting half an hour into your morning to “just sit still” can seem next to impossible. So start small, with 15 minutes. On a morning or evening you have a little more time, go to 20- 30 minutes. The idea is to create a habit, however that best works for you. I promise you’ll find the benefits so rewarding that you’ll eventually make meditation a personal priority.

Hang a sign on the door and carve out your private space. I’m not kidding! I give my meditation students a Chopra Center “Silence please, I’m meditating” door hanger (come to group meditation and receive one yourself!). Those sacred moments in the morning – and evening – belong to you, no one else. Doesn’t that sound lovely, and aren’t you worth it?

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In addition to small group meditation sessions at the Body Fundamentals studio in Tucson, Geneviève offers private meditation instruction on an ongoing basis. Please contact the studio to schedule your session: 520-299-6541 or