Personalized Pilates on the Wunda

Seated Mermaid on the Wunda ChairI was speaking with a client the other day, who had just finished a Beginning /Continuing Wunda Chair class, complimenting her on excellent form. “Thanks – it helps to have someone correct me with my form. Plus I’m loving the anti-gravity results!” she enthused, patting her glutes. I laughed, but  later I thought, here I am being a little “in my head” about Pilates benefits and what it often comes down to is that most of us, regardless of our age, want results quickly.  We strive to accomplish a lot in our workouts and yet most of us don’t have two or three hours a day to exercise. We are busy! We are likely sitting far too much in front of the computer and we’re trying to perk up suddenly sagging, soft areas!

Now it is also true that when the same client mentioned that she noticed how great her arms looked in a sleeveless dress, she followed it up with, “And I just FEEL stronger. Have never had upper body strength before. That’s what I like about the Wunda Chair work, besides the small class size, I feel stronger and look more defined.”

That was satisfying for me to hear, because when I designed the Chair classes in 2011, no one else in the Tucson area was offering these kind of specific progressive Chair classes. I started out with custom-designed classes based on progressions at four different levels and we’ve stuck with that model. When I talked to long-time clients about what they wanted from an equipment class, I heard two things repeatedly:

  1. We want to see results as quickly as possible and we want to exercise without risk of injury.
  2. We are much more likely to show up regularly to a small class with personal attention than a big class where someone just calls out moves from the front.
As a result, that is the Pilates class I created and this is what we offer:

Multiple Pilates Chair Quartet classes at different levels, incorporating Reformer,  Magic Circle, and Pilates Mat work.

My studio is private and maintains small classes, which appeals to those seeking  such. When our clients walk in, they don’t see rows of Wunda chairs.

My studio, because of the personal attention we’re able to provide, teaches a range of students both in age and fitness level. We have clients who have never taken a Pilates class before. We also have classes where colleagues and fellow Pilates instructors come to challenge themselves and practice advanced techniques. The level of strenuousness for each workout is decided by the client (and of course, by fitness level).

So if you are looking for a private setting, small classes, personal attention and the ability to choose to work at an easy or strenuous level and everywhere in-between, call us (520-299-6541)!

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