Meditation – Overcoming the obstacles. Or, there is no bad meditation practice.

meditation-practice-floatSince I began teaching meditation, I’ve heard a number of different frustrations expressed:

“My mind won’t empty.”

“I can’t find the time to fit this in right now.”

“I always get interrupted.”

These are such common and normal frustrations.  Here are a few tips and reassurances.

Continue to go back to the breath. One of the first things we all learn about meditating is that your brain is very rarely completely quiet. And that’s ok. Just acknowledge the thought or thoughts, “I see you,” then go back to the breath – deep breath in through your nose, then exhale through your nose.  We have many, many breathing techniques. Over time I can teach you how to use pranayama to deepen your meditation, but in the beginning, gently inhale through the nose and exhale quietly through the nose.

Start with 15-20 minutes each day. Kids, work, grandkids, homes, volunteer time – all demand a lot from us. Fitting half an hour into your morning to “just sit still” can seem next to impossible. So start small, with 15 minutes. On a morning or evening you have a little more time, go to 20- 30 minutes. The idea is to create a habit, however that best works for you. I promise you’ll find the benefits so rewarding that you’ll eventually make meditation a personal priority.

Hang a sign on the door and carve out your private space. I’m not kidding! I give my meditation students a Chopra Center “Silence please, I’m meditating” door hanger (come to group meditation and receive one yourself!). Those sacred moments in the morning – and evening – belong to you, no one else. Doesn’t that sound lovely, and aren’t you worth it?

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In addition to small group meditation sessions at the Body Fundamentals studio in Tucson, Geneviève offers private meditation instruction on an ongoing basis. Please contact the studio to schedule your session: 520-299-6541 or

The Ayurvedic Alternative: On the Path to Perfect Health

Perfect Health with Genevieve Nedder a Chopra Center Certified InstructorIt’s a profound body of knowledge to a holistic way of daily living. One that restores balance, increases vitality and brings healing and transformation. In fact, thousands of people worldwide are quietly changing their lives as a result of this program and eventuating their own perfect health.

Personally, I can share that the Perfect Health program and study of Ayurveda has made a measurable difference in my life. I first discovered the program during an anniversary getaway with my husband, Robert in 2014. We were inspired by the knowledge gained and how immediately applicable it was.

Incrementally, we’ve made adjustments to our nutrition, communication style (with each other and others), meditation practice and exercise.  Results are ongoing – as are challenges and daily life! There’s no denying the positive impact we’ve seen in our physical and spiritual health.

I’m very excited to share this effective, healing and transformative material with you.

Perfect Health at Body Fundamentals*

The upcoming September program will be held at the studio, with space limited to 12 people to allow for personal attention. Registration in this retreat includes: daily meditation and yoga, morning Pilates classes, healthy snacks, heart healthy lunches on Saturday and Sunday, Ayurvedic nutrition course, conscious communication techniques, information on detoxification and purification, healing through sensory input, and much more.

Hosting an Ayurvedic lifestyle program

In talking with several clients, I found that the studio dates for some retreats and course dates conflicted with other plans. Since these life changing  programs are so powerful and meaningful to those who attend, I’m considering how to make them more convenient and available. Would you instead like to host an Ayurvedic lifestyle program for your family, friends or clients?

Please talk to me about how I can bring an event or program to you and your group.  It is highly customizable and I’m confident that together we can design the perfect fit for you.

In health,


P.S.  Private Meditation instruction is offered ongoing; please me for information or to schedule a session.

*How to register for Perfect Health

On the path to Perfect Health: Meditation

butterfly meditation genevievenedder.comAs we enter a new year, it’s the perfect time for new, healthful practices. One of my renewed intentions is to expand my personal practice of daily meditation. To be honest, I’m re-arranging my schedule to include an early evening meditation at least twice a week. My evenings at home are more peaceful and relaxing when I make the time after work to meditate. I’m more centered and present with my husband. It’s one of my most fruitful intentions from the past year and a half and a direct outcome of my experiences at the Chopra Center and my Perfect Health  instructor program.

You may have seen the eblast or press release about my new offering of Group Meditation Classes beginning in Feb. Although I’ve had a long-time practice of meditation and continue to recognize its benefits, this coming February (February 20th, March 5th, March 12th and March 19thDue to family concerns, the March 19th meditation class will need to be rescheduled. Date TBA.) will be the first time I teach meditation in a group setting. It is a natural complement to Pilates and Movement, and I can personally attest that as my meditation practice deepens, I am able to be more ‘present’ and deepen my own Pilates practice.

There are many forms of meditation, from guided visualizations to yoga nidra to sound meditation, and more. Each brings its own techniques and benefits. In these first Group Meditation Classes, we’ll focus on breathing awareness exercises and a mantra-based meditation.  I’ll also lead you through some intention setting for greater peace, health and vitality.

“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet.
It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there” – Deepak Chopra

I hope you’ll join me on the path to Perfect Health. The Meditation Classes are an excellent window into the many benefits of the Perfect Health Program, which includes meditation as part of each lesson.

In health,
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Top 7 Tools for Living a Happier, Healthier Life – Part 2

by guest writer Heidi Hackler, CHHC

Check out Tools 1-3 for Living a Happier, Healthier Life if you missed them. The following 4 Tools will help to complete your healthy lifestyle journey.

Tools 4-7 for Living a Happier, Healthier Life

4. Eat a Rainbow of Veggies & Fruits

rainbow of fresh produceEat veggies of all colors of the rainbow, and eat more veggies than fruit (see “Eat Less Sugar” in previous post. Yes, fruit sugar is “natural” sugar, but it’s still sugar), also try these tips:

  • Strive to eat 9-to-12-servings of veggies and fruit per day. A “serving” equals 1/2-cup, so you’re looking to eat 4.5 to 6 cups of veggies and fruits every day.
  • Eat organic produce when ever possible, not only is it healthier for you because you’ll be consuming fewer pesticides, it’s also healthier for the planet, and the farmers who grow your produce, so it’s a win for everyone when you eat organic.
  • Check out the Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 produce list.

5. Detox Your Health & Beauty Routine

Could your health and beauty routine be toxic? If you’re using big-name brands of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, and even toothpaste from the average grocery store or drugstore shelves, there’s a good chance they contain toxins.

Here are some facts that may amaze you:

  • The average American woman puts between 12-20 toxic chemicals on her body every day.
  • 60% of everything you put on your skin is directly absorbed into your body.
  • A little known fact: the FDA does NOT regulate health and beauty products, they leave it up to the individual companies to decide if their products are “safe.”
  • Over 1,300 toxic chemicals have been banned in Europe but are still used today in US health & beauty products, and most of those have not been tested to see how they interact with each other.
  • In the the U.S., terms like “all natural” and “organic” mean little to nothing on health and beauty products. The Organic certification in the U.S. is based on agriculture certification, and doesn’t pertain to health and beauty products. Because neither the FDA nor the USDA police health and beauty products, no one is overseeing the use of “USDA Organic” labels on these products.
  • In Europe, the Soil Association certifies health and beauty products as organic under very stringent regulations. I’ve recently discovered Neil’s Yard Remedy Organic health and beauty products from the UK, which have received the highest certification for organic, ethical, sustainable, carbon neutral, cruelty-free, non-GMO products.
  • Check out this infographic of known toxins to avoid in health and beauty products, and compare this list to the products you use. You may be surprised.

6. Exercise

If you’re reading this post, you’re likely already into Pilates or body movement, which is great! I’m also a big fan of Yoga, Dance, and Zumba, but don’t really care for regimented gym-type exercise myself. If you’re like me, try thinking outside the gym to get your body moving. Here are a few easy ways to get fit and add more exercise to your day.

  • Take the stairs whenever you can, your glutes will thank you.
  • Park at the other end of the parking lot from where you are shopping.
  • Get together with a few friends and walk at lunch or after work. Walking and talking makes the time fly by. Consider using a FitBit or other device to track your steps, and try for 10,000 steps per day.
  • Do a lap around the floor of your office building or house each hour. Set a timer to remind yourself to stop working, get up and walk for 5-minutes. Studies have shown moving for 5-minutes each hour can boost your metabolism all day long. And while you’re at it drink a glass of water before you sit back down.
  • Try some chair-yoga, like this video from Amanda Ringnalda at the Chopra Center.

7. Meditate for Happiness

As someone who’s practiced meditation for over 25 years, I can attest to its grounding, calming and happiness factors. Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve overall happiness as well as brain function.

  • Guided meditations are a great way to start if you are new to meditation.
  • The Chopra Center offers free guided meditations online.
  • Deepak and Oprah are once again offering their 21-day Free Meditation, starting on Monday, March 16. You can register here; this is my favorite way to start the day.

I offer a free Kick-Start Your Health Strategy Session, and virtual holistic health and wellness coaching to help you through these steps. Please contact me for more info.

Heidi Hackler of Happy Well LifestyleHeidi Hackler is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) and blogger, who received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). She Inspires Healthy Habits Into Action via her blog at, and her holistic health coaching programs. She has also written articles for Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, and blogs for Chopra Centered Lifestyle.
Heidi lives with her husband and two kittens aboard their 40’ sailboat. They have a zest for living the Happy Well Lifestyle: a happy, healthy, active, fun-filled life where they practice yoga and meditation, eat a gluten-free, dairy-free, veg-aquarian diet, and laugh a lot. She welcomes new followers at:

The Purpose of a Bind is to Discover There is no Bind. Part 2

Diana Bailey Essential Motion Pilates
By Guest Writier Diana Bailey
Is being stuck in tension more about the approach taken to unwind it than the physical restriction that is currently presenting itself? Realistically, an untrained mind has great difficulty selecting an effective response because it lacks focus. A clear perspective sees that the practice of stretching is primarily learning to look past what something appears to be in a given moment and allowing the influence of time with persistent effort to shape a result.

The bind keeps the realm of possibilities simple. It says relax and do. Breathe and let go.                     Keep breathing

The more there is a singular challenge contained by the tiniest thread of desire, the more the mind can allow. The “bind” provides that intimate, balanced starting point. The body is innately wise, but the mind often doesn’t know how to reach for and hold that wisdom. At first, the mind views the physical bind as the stop. Properly focused stretching builds the outlook to expand into each newly established horizon with grace. Suddenly, it feels good to stretch!

Vesting in a particular outcome on any given day is a set up for disappointment. “No bind” is about everything being just fine exactly as it is, and the desire for more space to be available over time. The essence of discovering no bind begins in the approach, and stays as the focus shifts to do the work and step back….over and over and over.
No attachment. No bind.



Welcome to my new blog!

Hello friends and thank you for visiting my blog.

  I have a new home at

In addition to teaching, writing is one of my passions.  Thank you for joining me here in this space as I share my journey of healing and transformation.

As I continue to learn, study and grow so will my posts. In addition to Pilates and Movement, I’m excited to now include posts on Health and specifically Mind/Body medicine.

Upcoming Posts include: Breathing and Meditation practices,  An expanded series on Back Pain Relief,  and monthly posts on nutrition.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you’ll participate in the conversations.

With Gratitude,

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Healthy reminders during stressful times.

It seems many people are under the weather with something the past few weeks. I wanted to take a few minutes and give you some healthy reminders for stress management. With the constant temperature changes this past spring and Summer, some weeks  have felt like a different season every day.  This can be stressful on our immune systems.  Combine that with pressures of the season, even good stress,  and our immune systems can become compromised quickly.

And, for those of you with children or working with the public, it can seem almost impossible to avoid the colds and flus “going around”.

Seasonal changes, even positive ones can be stressful on our immune systems. This Fall take a few extra steps to increase your energy, improve heart health, and strengthen your immune system.


1.  Vitamin C.If you don’t take Vitamin C, consider a supplement this time of year. I increased my dosage to twice a day and it makes a difference.

2. Vitamin D.My preferred way to achieve nutrition is through food. That’s not always possible. When it isn’t, consider increasing your Vitamin D, or get outside for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Vitamin D is important for immune support and bone health. Make sure you’re getting adequate amounts.  If you’re unsure, have your blood work taken and speak with your Doctor.

3. Eat apples “An apple a day. . .” well you know the rest.  Try to eat local and organic.  It takes a bit more thought and effort but is well worth the health benefits.

4.Load up on veggies.

5. Meditate.  image of water, mountain and clouds

6. Try to eat lunch and dinner at the same time every daily.  Establish a routine and stick to it as much as possible.

Be well and enjoy the season!

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