WellMind: A Natural Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

wellmind natural sleep aidIf you’ve ever taken prescription sleep medication, you’re probably familiar with the “hangover” they can leave. Melatonin works for some, but others experience overly vivid dreams or even nightmares. One homeopathic, natural sleep aid that works gently is WellMind (formerly Neurexan).

WellMind’s ingredients work together to calm the mind, readying it for sleep. There’s not the pre-coma drowsiness some prescription sleeping pills can cause. An overactive mind, or frequent insomnia, can be disruptive to our ability to remain calm in the face of daily life stress. Insomnia in the United States is at  epidemic proportions. A good night’s sleep is key to optimal health.

To give WellMind a chance, adjust your bedtime routine. After you dissolve a tablet under your tongue, consider reading something non-stimulating: i like to spend a half hour ro more with philosophy or spiritual readings. Avoid bright screens and put your technology away-  really, step away from all devices.  In a short time, you’ll begin to feel the effect.

Those clients and friends I know who’ve tried WellMind share that it does calm the overactive mind and really helps them to “wind down” at the end of the day. Used as a natural sleep aid, sleep is generally uninterrupted and best of all, no sleeping pill hangover or grogginess. Several friends and colleagues have replaced their prescription sleep aid with WellMind.

WellMind’s homeopathic active ingredients include:

  • Avena sativa – Relieves simple nervous tension
  • Coffea cruda – Relieves irritability
  • Passiflora incarnata – Relieves simple nervous tension
  • Zincum valerianicum – Relieves occasional nervous sleeplessness

Please ask us if you have any questions about the natural products carried at our Tucson Body Fundamentals Studio, during your next Pilates session or simply give us a ring: 520-299-6541.

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A Natural Approach to Joint & Arthritis Pain Relief

T-Relief homeopathic pain reliefMany of us suffer occasionally, or even chronically, from joint pain, stiffness and osteoarthritis. Aging often brings arthritis pain, as do old injuries and new. Or it may be that you overdid it at the gym or on a hike. Even minor pain can keep us from doing the things we love, with the people we love. As our options for pain relief grow, I find my go-to homeopathic pain relievers remain T-Relief™ Arthritis Tablets and Ointment (formerly known as Zeel).

  • The T-Relief Arthritis pain relief ointment is suitable for relief of osteoarthritis pain, joint pain and stiffness when massaged into the area. It features organic oils as well as homeopathic pain relieving ingredients.
  • The T-Relief Arthritis pain relief tablets dissolve under the tongue, “reducing pain that causes lack of mobility.” It also features all natural active ingredients for relief from joint pain and stiffness.

A bonus: these products are safe for the stomach and our organs. Many of our prescription and over the counter pain relief medications can play havoc on the sensitive stomach. Being able to give our hardworking organs a break and still get pain relief can be a win-win.

As someone who actively seeks out natural pain relief options whenever possible, I can attest to their effectiveness. Ease of movement is essential to being able to demonstrate and spot our Pilates clients, so if I’ve overdone it the day before, I’ll turn to T-Relief.

In fact, I’ve offered the products at Body Fundamentals Tucson studio for over 15 years. Over the years, we’ve found that our clients swear by them, as well. A tip: Using the products in combination can effect even more immediate relief.

As always, it’s recommended that you check to be sure there are no contraindications for either prescription or over the counter medications, or the potential for allergic reaction.

If you have any questions about the retail products carried at Body Fundamentals, please feel free to ask at your next Pilates session, or give us a call at the studio: 520-299-6541.

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Neurexan sleep aid

Neurexan tablet bottleDo you remember the December post about Neurexan, a homeopathic sleep aid that helps with sleeplessness and overactive mind?

Well, as someone with an overactive mind and frequent insomnia, I decided to give it a try. I admit I was skeptical, thinking “can homeopathic really beat my prescription sleep meds?” With my prescription sleep meds, I’d often wake up groggy and be irritable the next day. I had tried taking Melatonin for a while some years ago, but it gave me nightmares. You could say that I was cautiously optimistic about trying something new. sleepSo I’ve tried taking Neurexan as needed for the past month. One of the nicest things about it is that it is gentle, it doesn’t make you start to feel overly drowsy like you’re slipping into one of the prescription sleeping pill comas. In fact, if you take a Neurexan tablet before you get in bed and relax, it seems like you then just have to take another one after 15 minutes. So I’ve adjusted my bedtime routine and after I wash my face and brush my teeth, I dissolve the tablet under my tongue and read something non-stimulating until I feel tired, typically it takes about 10 minutes to kick in for me.

The final verdict: Neurexan sleep aid does work to calm my overactive mind and help me in winding down and drifting off to sleep. I still have to actively engage myself in slowing down at night, but I do prefer it to the prescription pills that would just take over my body and make me drowsy. This gently guides me into a peaceful sleep, and that is definitely worth a “thumbs up” to me. If you’re interested in Neurexan, it is available at Body Fundamentals Tucson studio.


– Guest Writer Hilary Beckovich