The Purpose of a Bind is to Discover There is no Bind. Part 2

Diana Bailey Essential Motion Pilates
By Guest Writier Diana Bailey
Is being stuck in tension more about the approach taken to unwind it than the physical restriction that is currently presenting itself? Realistically, an untrained mind has great difficulty selecting an effective response because it lacks focus. A clear perspective sees that the practice of stretching is primarily learning to look past what something appears to be in a given moment and allowing the influence of time with persistent effort to shape a result.

The bind keeps the realm of possibilities simple. It says relax and do. Breathe and let go.                     Keep breathing

The more there is a singular challenge contained by the tiniest thread of desire, the more the mind can allow. The “bind” provides that intimate, balanced starting point. The body is innately wise, but the mind often doesn’t know how to reach for and hold that wisdom. At first, the mind views the physical bind as the stop. Properly focused stretching builds the outlook to expand into each newly established horizon with grace. Suddenly, it feels good to stretch!

Vesting in a particular outcome on any given day is a set up for disappointment. “No bind” is about everything being just fine exactly as it is, and the desire for more space to be available over time. The essence of discovering no bind begins in the approach, and stays as the focus shifts to do the work and step back….over and over and over.
No attachment. No bind.