Simple Solutions for Back Pain is an easy set of practices and tips you can do at home or at work. The series has evolved through my personal journey of healing, rehabilitation and recovery, combining tested techniques used with my students.

These Pilates and Movement programs include: Foam Roller Progressions,  Back Care Progressions, and this most recent series, Simple Solutions for Back Pain.  I designed all of these programs to help you improve your balance, increase flexibility and strength, and correct your posture. And, most importantly, to feel well!

Why Create the Simple Solutions for Back Pain Series?

Many of you have asked me about my personal practices and how I manage my back, neck and shoulder pain, the result of multiple car accidents from my early twenties. The most serious happened within 18 months of each other, leaving me with severe injuries and chronic pain (read more of my story here).

My hope  for you is back pain relief, increased flexibility  and a stronger, more balanced body.  I hope to help you move out of pain and live with greater joy, ease and vitality.

Please share the series link with anyone you feel may benefit, and keep breathing!

Series #1 -Back Pain
Do you wake up with Back or Neck pain? These basic small changes can make a big difference in your pain level.

Series #2- Posture Tips
Take a moment today to notice your alignment when sitting at the computer or driving.

Series #3 – Back Systems 3
This simple exercise provides gentle traction, is a safe lumbar stretch and feels really good!

Series #4 – Heat
Heat therapy is highly effective.

Series #5 – Posture Check
Poor posture is a primary cause of back pain.

Series # 6 – Hydrate
Back pain and Muscle aches are often caused by dehydration.

Series #7 – Vitamin C
I prefer to get vitamin C from food in the most natural way possible.

Series #8 –  Foam Roller Stretch & Arm Lifts
Stretch Your Chest & Shoulders with this Simple Foam Roller Exercise

Series #9 –  Tricep Stretch
Protect your shoulder joints while keeping your muscles flexible.

Series #10 – Hamstring Stretches
Keeping the hamstrings stretched is an important part of maintaining lumbar flexibility.