Help with Depression from perimenopausal symptoms

By Monica B.

Depression during perimenopause is an all too common symptom for many women. More women are speaking about it and seeking support during this transition into menopause.
A few weeks ago  I received this thoughtful and touching sharing from a dear client and long time student. She has given me her permission to share this with all of you  on my blog,  I’d like to pass it on to you. Thank you Monica.

group class

Saturday morning Fletcher Floor class @ Body Fundamentals in Tucson.

“Approximately four years ago I found myself going through a severe depression which was ultimately triggered by peri menopausal changes. During this rough period in my life I bumped into Genevieve Nedder’s mama at a social gathering and we were talking about life and its stressors. Florence Nedder chimed up and said: ‘ I want you to meet my daughter. . . . she teaches Pilates and may be able to help you.’  I was a bit skeptical that Pilates could help with my depression, but I agreed to get the Body Fundamentals literature and meet Geneviève.

To this day I am so grateful for that meeting and have found that not only has Pilates given me physical strength that I had previously been lacking, but also, my teachers at Body Fundamentals in Tucson  have given me emotional strength to help fight my depression and anxiety.”   



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