Sarkice Nedder Tai Chi at Body Fundamentals studioSarkice Nedder

Body Fundamentals studio clients best know Sarkice Nedder as the leader of Tai Chi sessions and Eastern philosophy seminars, as well as Geneviève’s father. However, Sarkice’s deep martial arts background is not common knowledge. A master of martial arts, he has more than 51 years as a lifelong student of Eastern philosophies and religions and applies his knowledge to day-to-day life.

Sarkice began his martial arts training during his service in the United States Marine Corps from 1964-1970. After learning Shaolin Kung Fu, including the Chin-Na graveling system, he went on to seven years training in Kempo, a Chinese Karate system. From there, Sarkice continued to seek out leaders in the martial arts community. He continued his martial arts studies under James DeMille, famously known for being Bruce Lee’s partner and teacher, learning Wing Chung. He self-trained in aspects of a number of internal Fung Fu systems including Hsing-I and Pa Kua. Next, he learned the Japanese Jiu Jitsu system known as Shio Kharano. Yet Sarkice probably most treasures the decade he spent studying Wu Tai Chi Chuan under the late master and doctor, Wen Zee, who was an indoor student of the famous Grand Master, Ma Yueh-Liang. During his long career he actively put his training to the test by participating with successful outcomes in over 1000 full contact matches against opponents from all styles and at all levels of training.

Sarkice has combined these decades of training and studies into his own personal physical, spiritual, meditation and mind training techniques, naming it Tao of Duun Sao, “the Way of the Moving Beast.” In fact, at one time he maintained three martial arts schools with hundreds of students learning this unique martial arts system.

Although a highly successful international merchant banking expert by trade and nearly 70 years old, Sarkice remains an active seminar leader and writer in spiritual and mind training techniques. In addition to regular energy and Tai Chi sessions, he offers seminars on topics such as:

  • Use of energy in day to day life
  • Development of Chi power
  • Metaphysical aspects of use of power
  • Road to enlightenment
  • Meditation and use of the mind
  • Secrets of Masterhood
  • Mind techniques and hypnosis in day to day life
  • We choose to love
  • We must seek silence
  • Be still in the storm
  • Yield to prevail


Sarkice Nedder offers Tai Chi group sessions on an ongoing basis at Body Fundamentals studio in Tucson, AZ. To register for one of his classes or to engage him for a seminar, please contact Sarkice directly at (520) 577-2422.