Diana Bailey
Guest Writer, Neuromuscular Therapist
Diana Bailey is a neuromuscular therapist with over 20 years of experience specializing in chronic pain relief and postural correction. She has been practicing, teaching, and sharing Pilates as well as other movement disciplines with her clients and in workshops for over 16 years.
Diana combines her talents in Pilates and manual therapy —which “unlocks” the potential of muscles and joints by using gentle, hands-on techniques that restore proper alignment—with an intuitive understanding of the moment at hand for each person she sees. Diana is deeply grateful both to be a part of this work and to be asked to contribute her ideas.She lives in Pine, Colorado and is the Owner of Essential Motion, a Pilates studio.Posts by Diane Bailey

Sarkice Nedder Tai Chi at Body Fundamentals studioSarkice Nedder

Body Fundamentals studio clients best know Sarkice Nedder as the leader of Tai Chi sessions and Eastern philosophy seminars, as well as Geneviève’s father. However, Sarkice’s deep martial arts background is not common knowledge. A master of martial arts, he has more than 51 years as a lifelong student of Eastern philosophies and religions and applies his knowledge to day-to-day life. for more…

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Paul Rohrer
Guest Writer Paul is an acting coach and radio program host, living in Castle Rock, Colorado. He has studied acting for the camera since 1982 with some of the most recognized and successful leaders of the film and television industry. Students attend his weekly workshops in a studio setting. Students learn all aspects of working as professionals on camera as well as off.  Mr. Rohrer is able to draw on his many years of experience and materials, as well as the many industry related professionals who also share their expertise as guests.
He has written and published an actor’s workbook LISTEN, FEEL, RESPOND. His radio program, The Roaring Success Radio Hour has attracted over 160,000 listeners.