Excellence v. Striving in Movement and Life.

Di Pic6” I recognize that it is important to have and embody a desire for excellence. Desire is the foundation of progress and this comes naturally because I love to move and explore how movement feels.

Excellence and striving get confused. How can I feel good if I am constantly making “now” wrong with an endless stream of mental judgements about my alignment that require an immediate alteration of me?

What will ever occur in that kind of mental practice that will open the space for me to be okay if I never train my mind to accept a single moment of what I am doing and to be grateful for the doing instead of what it will get me at some future time?”

– Diana Bailey


Previously Published November 2011

Congratulations Sandy!

resized_02I41370  10 years of Pilates!

Thursday, April 3rd was Sandy’s 10 year Anniversary.

Sandy, you are an inspiration and a treasure. Congratulations on 10 years of Pilates and Movement training.

Thank you for your dedication to Pilates and your committment to health and wellness.  It is truly a pleasure knowing you and teaching you.  Wishing you great health for years to come!

If you know Sandy, please join us in congratulating her.    Much love.

Congratulations Martha on 10 years of Pilates!

resized_03A26043 March 20th, 2014 marks Martha’s 10 year anniversary at the studio.  Congratulations on 10 years of Pilates Martha!  That’s something to celebrate!

Thank you for sharing your  journey of health and wellness with us this past decade!    You are an inspiration!


– Geneviève, Stevie and Richard


Congratulations Renate!

resized_02H44824 (1)Congratulations dear Renate Wasserman for 10 years of Pilates and Movement training at Body Fundamentals.

Congratulations on your discipline, your progress, your improved posture and inspiring level of fitness.  We look forward to seeing you and teaching every week.

Please join me in congratulating Renate on this milestone.  You can leave her a message here, on our studio Facebook page, or at the studio.

With gratitude and love,  Geneviève



More Pilates Success Stories- A Beautiful back

Long time client (13 years) shares a photo of her beautiful, strong and defined back.  Stunning!

Strong Upper back muscles, improved posture, and a better Golf game are a few benefits Cecile enjoys from her Pilates practice.

And, yes, I said 13 years.  That’s as inspiring as her beautiful back!

Thank you Cecile!


Ped-i-pull for Posture


Improve your posture by adding seated Ped-i-Pull exercises to your private sessions. scapula elevation and depression as well as lat stabilization help align your spine and work stabilizing  abdominal muscles.  Many students with osteoporosis or osteopenia find noticeable improvement in their posture from using the ped-i-pull.

I use the ped-i-pull almost daily with private clients and they love it!


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Thought for the week-  from Diana. . .

Di Pic6

“For me, what happens in my practice is what happens in life.  If i never allow my movement to be just what it is at that time and accept the final outcome on that day, how am i setting myself up to have space for peace and joy in my life overall?

Joseph Pilates said  “It is the mind which shapes the body”. . .true.  It is also the mind that shapes the life.

My job as a teacher is to inspire you to explore your own potential by helping you become aware of your habits of mind.  From this practice I assure you, you will gain immense insight into your own personal power.”

– Diana Bailey


Previously Published October 2011

Pilates arabesque Reformer

It’s such a joy teaching Mary week after week –  these past 14 years.  Here she’s showing the Classical Pilates Arabesque on the reformer. Simply beautiful!




Mary T., practicing Arabesque on the Reformer.

Mary T. Arabesque on the reformer

Previously Published October 2011








Congratulations to Carol Pilmar!

Congratulations to Carol Pilmar on
5 years of Pilates practice.

Today we celebrate your dedication and commitment to your health.

If you know Carol, we encourage
you to congratulate her!