Tucson Pilates Studio adds Meditation group classes

water dropletsDecember 17, 2015, Tucson, AZ – Body Fundamentals Pilates & Movement Studio in Tucson, Arizona recently added meditation group classes to its service offering. Founder and Director Geneviève Nedder is a long-time practitioner of meditation and credentialed to teach several forms of meditation.

Nedder shares, “There are many types of meditation, including, guided meditation,  moving meditation and mantra based meditation. In the initial four group classes, I’ll be teaching a mantra based meditation that uses breathing awareness techniques and intention setting.”

Not only is meditation is a powerful way to quiet the mind, it also reduces anxiety, improves sleep and lowers the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and even lowers cholesterol. “As my own practice deepens, I’m able to be more present in my life, and to experience greater peace and vitality,” said Nedder, who holds numerous Pilates certifications and is a Chopra Center Certified Instructor with a focus on Ayurveda. “My personal meditation practice is one of my strongest tools for transformation. It has helped me know myself at a much deeper level and helps me manage chronic pain, continue to heal physically and live with more balance on a day-to day basis.”

Nedder is offering the first series of group meditation classes on four Saturdays from 8:30 – 9:45 a.m. Pre-registration is open for the following dates:

  • February 20th
  • March 5th
  • March 12th
  • March 19th   Due to family concerns, the March 19th meditation class will need to be rescheduled. Date TBA.

Single classes are $40, or register for all four at a special introductory rate of $150. Advance payment required. Private meditation instruction is also available and ongoing.

About Body Fundamentals Programs

Geneviève Nedder’s Tucson, Arizona-based Body Fundamentals Pilates & Movement Studio offers private and semi-private sessions in a peaceful, serene setting. The studio focuses on  individualized, custom-created programs, including Advanced Pilates classes and workshops for Pilates instructors. To engage Nedder for a customized Pilates workshop or training, or for the Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle program call (520) 299-6541 or email her at change@bodyfundamentals.com. Visit bodyfundamentals.com for session information.

Beginning April 2016  the Chopra Center Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle program will be offered at Body Fundamentals Tucson studio or at a location of your request. Please email change@bodyfundamentals.com to register for the Perfect Health program or retreat.

Taking it to the next level: The Wundas of Pilates Chair

So first things first: I am not an exercise fanatic. You will not find me at the local gym 5x a week, churning out cardio, lifting a multitude of weights or pushing the squats (as much as I fantasize about regaining my 30-year old backside, reality is…). That said, I’m “into” the Pilates Chair; specifically, the Pilates Chair Quartet class I’ve been taking at Body Fundamentals here in Tucson.

It started with exploring an alternative to the monotony of guilting myself into a gym workout a couple of times each week with limited results. I’m a marketing writer, which means a lot of sitting in front of a computer. Not conducive to fitness or flexibility. I’d done some Pilates in Seattle several years before and knew I’d enjoyed the variety and the class camaraderie. Over coffee one day, Geneviève Nedder suggested I try the Beginning class she’d recently developed and launched at the studio.

After only a few sessions, I remembered why I’d enjoyed Pilates so much. I felt so good after each session. Because there are only 4 of us in the class, Stevie (the instructor) could easily correct our form or suggest alternative moves to accommodate a bad knee or ankle, back injury or the like. Within weeks, I could see the definition in my arms, my hips were narrowing (!) and I was feeling more optimistic about anti-gravity effects than I had in years!

I’ve since moved to the Beginning / Continuing class for more challenging, faster paced work on the Wunda Chair (Intermediate is really fast and more suitable for those who are teacher level). I’m challenged in each class because every workout is different. Each movement and progression hits different areas, so you can’t “zone out” but need to remain very “in the moment” to complete successfully. That’s a great benefit of Pilates too, it makes me slow down and focus. I can’t think about what’s next on my to-do list or project deadlines. I have to breathe and pay attention in order to move properly.

I’ve committed to a weekly Beginning / Continuing Pilates Chair Quartet class and recently added a semi-private Pilates session to the mix. The visible results include a narrowing waist, more defined arms, and tighter glutes. Plus, I’m more flexible and have better posture. My most exciting achievement to-date? The Pike! I think of it as kind of an inverted push up. Very challenging, I feel really strong each time the bar rises a little higher.

Yes, I still (try) to work in straight-up cardio a few times a week with either a round on the elliptical, a walk or a bike ride, too, but Pilates has become my gift to myself, my health… and my anti-gravity efforts!

nora haileNora Haile runs her own marketing writing and communications support firm, nhaile communications, providing writing and online marketing support services to small to mid-sized businesses in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.