Movement: Why regular exercise is vital to our wellbeing

We know we need to exercise regularly.  Yet making movement a routine part of our daily lives can be a challenge. For years, I moved energetically and even strenuously daily  - taking dance as a teenager and in college, and then discovering Pilates in my early 20s. Naturally, owning a Pilates and … [Read More...]

Creating Good Health: Tips for Simple Cleansing

New year, new you!  Each time we embark upon a new year, the genuine desire to make positive changes for ourselves is strong. However, oftentimes our motivation is hard to sustain, especially if we try to do too much all at once. My suggestion for cleansing is to begin simply, phasing in changes as … [Read More...]

WellMind: A Natural Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve ever taken prescription sleep medication, you’re probably familiar with the “hangover” they can leave. Melatonin works for some, but others experience overly vivid dreams or even nightmares. One homeopathic, natural sleep aid that works gently is WellMind (formerly Neurexan). WellMind’s … [Read More...]

Meditation – Overcoming the obstacles. Or, there is no bad meditation practice.

Since I began teaching meditation, I’ve heard a number of different frustrations expressed: “My mind won’t empty.” “I can’t find the time to fit this in right now.” “I always get interrupted.” These are such common and normal frustrations.  Here are a few tips and … [Read More...]